top Rubbish jeans Jbrand(thrifted) shoes Birkenstock sunglasses F21
When Birkenstocks started popping up on blogs a few months ago, I was torn. I definitely was digging them but memories of my teenage self were blocking me from seeing them as acceptable for my 30 something self.  Reluctantly, I purchased them with the assumption they would probably be returned. But to my surprise, when they arrived I tried them on and immediately new they would be worn on the daily AND they were actually kind of  sort of cute?!


happy friday

top Leith blazer H&M jeans Jbrand bag Rebecca Minkoff shoes Louboutin sunglasses BP
When I'm standing in front of my closet and I'm totally stumped, I choose black.  Is is totally boring? I really can't tell. But I feel like whether it is or isn't, black is basic and you really can't mess it up. So when I'm feeling creatively challenged I want something I can't mess up so I reach for all black.  Have a great weekend everybody!


little black dress

dress Leith jacket Gap scarf BP sunglasses Karen Walker shoes Vans
Ok, let's be honest, is it dress weather yet? No.  Am I overly excited about sun and 62 degrees? Maybe. Its officially spring and I could not be more excited. And although we really only get a day here and a day there of honest to goodness spring weather, I'll take it and enjoy every minute of it.


gold slip on

tee Leith blazer Trouve pant Topshop shoes Vans sunglasses f21 bag Rebecca Minkoff
At first when I saw, and fell in love, with these gold slip on sneakers I thought to myself, ' What and where am I going to wear GOLD shoes to?!' But, since these beauties made it home with me I've realized that gold is kind of a neutral color that can be worn with almost anything. And, because they are gold they give some life to an all black ensemble that might otherwise border on boring.


black | white

tee Leith jacket Victoria's Secret jeans F21 shoes Zara sunglasses F21
As I was perusing my daily celeb pics I came across this photo and fell hard. Feel free to judge me now.  But the thing is, I just don't care because I really love this look and knew I wanted to recreate it the moment I saw it.  It's simple, it's chic, and it's cool.


happy friday

top Leith jacket Zara pant Zara shoe Birkenstock sunglasses F21
There is something about the change of seasons that bring about feelings of hope and rebirth.  In the Pacific Northwest we are so lucky to experience all four seasons, albeit mild ones, but there is no other like Spring that bring the streets alive and humming with people. It's truly an experience you can feel and everyone takes notice. Happy Spring Lovelies.


soccer mom

shirt Jcrew sweater Gap pants Zara shoes Converse sunglasses BP
I feel like the term soccer mom has an 'un-chic' connotation.  Am I wrong?  Maybe. Either way, I'm here to change the assumption about that term and give my own spin on 'soccer mom'. Obviously the focus is on our awesome little soccer players and not our attire but I figure we want to be comfortable AND chic at the same time, right? So, this is my attempt at it. Here's hoping.


boyfriend blazer

blazer H&M jeans Jcrew shoes Vans sunglasses Forever 21
I've always loved a good blazer but only recently began wearing the boyfriend blazer. I know I'm like 3 years late to the party but, man, I'm glad I showed up. The fit is relaxed and over sized which keeps it from looking corporate.  And the boyfriend blazer, as I'm now finding out, is also the perfect in between weather jacket for our confused spring temps.


happy friday

top Leith blazer H&M jeans thrifted shoes Zara sunglasses F21
If there's one thing I can count on in life it's that a blazer, skinny jeans, and a fierce heel will never disappoint. Yes, I said fierce. I'm sorry, not sorry. Have a great weekend everybody!


leather | sneaker

top Tildon sweater Glamorous jacket Gap pants 7fam shoes Nike bag Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses BP
I have forever shamed the wear of sneakers outside of the gym. But I've come to see how cool sneakers are when paired with the unexpected, such as a leather pant. And the truth is, ballet flats just aren't comfortable to me and I won't be spending an entire day running around in them without sad feet. So, sneaker, thank you for being cool AND giving me support.