Blue Print Cleanse Review

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3 days. 18 juices. No food. Truthfully, I can't believe I did it.  I know I'm not the first person to ever do a 3 day juice detox cleanse,  but I felt very alone these last few days.  While the rest of the world enjoyed delicious food, I drank only juice and it kinda sucked.  But in a good way.  There is some satisfaction that comes from testing yourself and knowing your doing something good for your body.  During my 3 days I read as many reviews as I could on BPC to keep me motivated.  And it worked.  End result: I feel great, I'm really glad I did it and think it would be a smart thing to do a few times a year.


Blue Print Cleanse

Blue Print Cleanse
Ok. So, I'm not usually encouraged by only drinking juice. But, after cutting carbs, eliminating sugar, only eating meat, AND going vegan(sigh), I've decided on a juice cleanse. Why? Because I'm exhausted and nothing is working so I'm giving this a shot. Stay tuned...