Family II

This week is all about family. Here is my brother and his girls. Love you guys!




Yesterday at the market with my brotha and sista. More pics to come...


To Market To Market

Today was a great day. Isaiah and I spent the afternoon walking around the city with my brother and sister and their families. I love the city this time of year. All the decorations, all the people, it's hard not to get into the spirit of Christmas. Love!



source: pinterest
This photo of a snowflake was taken in 1900. The fascination of a snowflake continues more than a century later.



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This is a random post, I know. It really has nothing to do with anything other that the fact that I love New York City. It is a city unlike any other and we love you NY!



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Ok, so I'm not a huge fan of the monogram handbag, but I do make exceptions. And this little beauty would be that case. I guess you can't really go wrong with Louis Vuitton. That rhymes!


Happy Friday

    "Don't mess with a man and his tools."  I'm pretty sure that's what Isaiah is thinking as I'm taking his picture. I got him a tool/work bench for Christmas. He screamed when he saw the tools. No joke. Love my lil man.


Winter White

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When it comes to decorating my home for the holidays, I favor whites and metallics over red and green. To me it just has a more winter wonderland feel. So even if there isn't snow outside you can imagine it inside.


Christmas Party

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My favorite part of Christmas parties are the food seeing friends and family. Nothing quite says holiday season like roasted sweet potatoes. Love. Antipasto on a stick? Genius. Or how about caramel covered chocolate dipped marshmallows? I can't take it. I need to try this!


Vintage Holiday

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I'm not sure what it is about vintage Christmas cards that I just LOVE. Maybe it's because they remind me of my Grandma Audrey. Or maybe because I often dream of what Christmas might have been like at the Davenport Hotel in the 40's. Magical.