Deutsch Freunden

Lunch at Ivars
My friends Maja and Lars from Germany came to visit. I got to meet their adorable baby boy Julies! So cute! We had a great time. It was beautiful weather so we took the day to walk around Seattle and take in the city.


Black and Beige

I like pairing black accessories with neutrals such as beige. It makes for a less serious black and more of a classic black.



I just discovered the instagram app. I love how the photos look vintage.


The Girls

And by girls, I mean Isaiah's two cousins Isa and Anna. He loves the way they dote on him. He soaks up all the attention. What a flirt.


Mimi and Papa

Isaiah and I spent the week with Mimi and Papa. We went for many walks, swimming at Comstock, and hoops with Dad.


Wanna Play?

Here's Isaiah desperately looking for someone to play ball with him the second we get to the park. Too cute. His first attempt with a young man was a veto. Oops. But he finally found a  3 year old boy named Shore who was in. :) 


Swoop Bags

If you have kids, read on. This product is genius. My sister launched this company a couple months ago and it's really taking off. Swoop Bags were featured on the Today Show this week on Tues morning seen here and have already become a bestseller. Originally designed to store all the legos which could not be contained, now found purpose for all things from laundry to Barbies.


The Boys

And by boys, I mean Isaiah and his two cousins, Kabe and Ian. He was super stoked when I told him they were going to meet us at the park today. He thinks they're very cool and wants to keep up with them. And he almost does.


Ahh.. Summer

Today was the perfect summer day. In Seattle we cherish days like today.  Sunshine and 80 degrees. Oh, and no rain. I took Isaiah to the park which is his new favorite place. He is just 15 months so he can't quite keep up with the big kids, but trust me, he tries. So he plays and I follow, too close. One day I will be able to relax, I can't wait.