Happy Halloween

So, this was the first year I dressed up Isaiah for Halloween. And I didn't know how much fun this would be! He had a parade at school where they went trick or treating and I don't think I've seen anything sooo cute.


Happy Friday

19 months
Even though the temperature as dropped, the park still has all it's appeal to Isaiah. I mean a playground is a playground. Right? I'm so proud of him. He now goes up and down the slide all by himself. It's the little things, I tell ya.



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Ok, so this is a  totally random post. I know this dress is not seasonal but I just fell in love with the geometric pattern and color combination. This would be the perfect dress for a summer wedding. When is summer again? Wait, don't remind me.



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One way to stay warm on these cold morning walks is to add layer upon layer upon layer. And this isn't limited to just tops. A great way to layer your bottom half is to wear over the knee socks with knee high boots. I'm feeling warmer already!


Avocado BLT

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I think adding avocado to almost anything ups the num factor. But this is just plain genius. Adding avocado to the already perfect combination that is bacon, lettuce, and tomato?  Must have now!



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I love a stacked wrist. Even better when it's stacked with gold on diamonds on leather. Great combo!


Happy Friday

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I know I mentioned it in a previous post, but this mid calf boot is the perfect casual boot.  It's not kissing your knees and the 1.5 inch heal is just enough but not too much lift.  I really am on the hunt for the laid back boot.


Earth tone

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I'm loving these muted earth tones together. I've always been a fan of the subtlety of tone on tone. And I'm really loving blue and grey and brown all playing together. Great color choice.



Some days life begs you to question everything. Today is one of those days. I know this feeling will come an go, so that's when I just remember to start where I am, use what I have, and do what I can.


Fall Uniform

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This just might be my fall uniform this year. It is effortless yet pulled together which is exactly what this Mom needs. Check! I've always rooted for black and brown worn together. This definitely works for me.


Happy Friday

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Goodbye week.  Hello weekend. Ladies get your Louboutins out the closet.  It's going to be that kind of night. Have a great weekend!


Girls Night

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I have a mid week dinner with the girls and this is what I'll be wearing. It's nice enough for a semi formal dinner but still has a casual, no effort vibe. Looking forward to hanging with my ladies!


Must Have

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These are two must have items this fall. A structured handbag and tweed blazer will wear for many seasons to come. They are classic and timeless. Wish list!



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I'm obsessed with these Theyskens Theory wedges. Where do I start? How about the ombre effect with suede and patent leather. What?! Or maybe the pointed toe(there back!) And the ankle strap? Stop, I can't take it. Love!



source: nordstrom
Now that I went out and bought knee high boots, I'm quickly realizing I need this short boot. It's more casual and appropriate for school than the CFMB. Both options are great to have in the closet!


Happy Friday

If I had fantastic plans to meet up with the girls tonight, this is what I would wear. However, I'm staying in tonight because my lil man got me sick. No biggie.


Pumpkin Patch

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I'm taking Isaiah to the pumpkin patch this weekend and this would be the perfect outfit for this autumn weather. When it's not quite winter weather layering is your best option. Stay tuned for pumpkin pix!


Jewel Tone

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Purple, teal, and gold are great fall colors because of their warmth.  If you can pull these colors off, do it!



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This absolutely works for me. I'm loving this new trend in pants and she got it right with a  neutral top and classic blacks heels. Work it.


School Daze

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This is the perfect comfy outfit to wear to school.  No fuss, no muss. Wish list!